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Flarian USB Card Flash Drives

For the promotion of your national and multinational brands, Flarian USB Card is the best solution. Prepared with high quality flexible material, this is the most favorite design for 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and more capacity USB Drives. As comparative to other designs and shapes, USB Card has more space for logo, slogan and company info printing with multi colors. It is smart as well as easy to adjust in violet and purse. Officials, businessmen and travellers like this style.

If you would like to see what a your custom USB Card would look like, click here to access our image generator.

Virtual Proof Generator

Custom branded (both sides)

Dimensions: 8.5 cm X 5.2 cm X 0.19 cm (Shape of a credit card)

Fits in a wallet

Compatible with any USB port

Works on any Operating System

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By default, all USB Cards come wrapped in their individual plastic wrapper (at no extra cost). However, some occasions call for additional packaging.

  • Aluminum Case $0.99

  • Leather Case $0.95

  • Plastic Box $0.79

  • Paper Box $0.65

All packaging options listed above can be custom branded with your logo.

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Printing Data Pre-loading Data Locking Auto-run
Your logo. Your text. Your design. The Flarian's smooth card-like surface allows high-quality printing to be carried out on both sides. Too much to store all by yourself? No problem - we can make sure that every single Flarian in your bulk order comes pre-loaded with your desired data. Upon request, any files of your choosing can be locked to prevent deletion. The remaining storage space can still be used freely. Content can also be made to play automatically when the Flarian is connected to a computer, similar to a CD or a DVD.

These services are available free of charge.

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Flarian Music Card

Flarian offers unique Music Card for its partners. It is one of the modern and devices which is mostly liked by youngsters and officials. It is for promotional and awareness process. The quality, material and technology of Flarian Music Card are standardized and high. It has also vast space for your brand and company info. Give an antique marketing and promotional touch to your brands through Flarian Music Card.

Custom branded

Dimensions: 8.5 cm X 5.2 cm X 0.4 cm (Shape of a credit card)

Can transfer files to it (data transfer cable included)

Earphones included

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-Custom branding

-Pre-loading audio

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Flarian USB Flyer

We are specialist in customized logo printed, colorful, beautiful, fully informative and high quality USB brochures manufacturing and designing. Our technical staff and professionals are expert and have prepared dozens of personalized projects for many well-reputed Canadian companies and institutions. We work with mutual understanding in USB brochure preparation. Contact us today:

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-Custom shapes

-Full color printing

-Data Loading

-URL loading for auto-run (WebKeys)

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Flarian Video Brochures

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Our Clients

This page showcases a few examples of the work that Flarian has done for various businesses and other organizations in Canada and beyond.*

  • Namdar & Co.

  • Trinity College


  • Absolute IT Solutions

  • Shams Photography

  • Selar Enterprises

  • Microcellular Plastics

  • New College

  • McMaster Engineering Society

  • Brescia University College

  • DJ Seth

  • George Brown College


The Company

After a rich experience in USB manufacturing and designing, Flarian is offering special, customized, modern and high quality products. We have expert team who is ready for on-demand manufacturing all the time for our national and international clients.We are forwarding with our mission and following principles for satisfying our partners:

Research & development

In this technological field of USB manufacturing, we have special eye on Research & Development. Our team is ready for all types of competitive and trendy fashions in market.

Customer Loyalty

We believe in customer loyalty and long term relations with our diverse partners. Our commitment and passion for a high level of satisfaction, aftersales services and feedback, are the mainstreams of our business. In customized market, we know the requirements of our clients and walk through in marketing process with them.

The Flarian Team

We have highly qualified and skilled team in all areas of USB business. It is the right of every member in our team to get equal opportunities for growth and success. Continuous training & development is an important asset of our HR. With professional and technical skills, we know the importance of behavioral studies and actions.

Our Mission

What drives Flarian is a desire for innovation. In particular, our goal is to discover creative and practical solutions that allow us to look beyond a technology's basic and obvious functions in order to harness its untapped potential. This can be seen in our flagship product, the Flarian flash drive/business card, where our unconventional product design along with the services we offer have turned a relatively simple device into a powerful promotional tool.

Flarian in The Media

The Flarian Leadership

Hammad Naseem
Bachelors of Science,
Computer Security,
York University

Ali Rizvi

Ph.D. candidate,
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,
University of Toronto

Our Partners

  • Flarian is supported within the IOS business a la carte program
     since the inauguration of TechnoLABS at the University of Toronto

  • Flarian has an advisor at MaRS since January 2013


  • We are extremely honoured to have received the generous support of the VentureStart grant by the Research and Innovation Commercialization Centre (RIC), to help us through our developments!

Corporate Responsibility

It is the main policy of Flarian to progress in all fields obeying the rules & regulations, including human rights, environmental protection and labour laws as well. Our Human Resource department cares about all employees, workers & labours.
Flarian has achieved SA8000 Certification in manufacturing. This SA8000 Certificate is the symbol of Flarian’s standardized processes and systems for workforce and all human rights. We care seriously these and understand the importance of such essential issues.
We have a special third party audit system for our manufacturer’s SA8000 process, annually. All this process is based on global norms of UN for standardizes conditions in workplaces, including the Rights of the Child, International Labor Organization, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Additionally, Flarian has Quality Management System (ISO 9001) for the best and standardized working of manufacturers along with Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), this is established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard. We have a commitment to save the environment, society and life for the betterment of humanity. We keep our strict eyes on all these issues through our regular operations, culture and strategy.


Contact Info

Suite 411, 112 College Street Toronto, ON M5G 1L6

Toll Free Number: 1844-287-0887